Monday, 30 May 2011

Ohhh fishy, fishy, fishy, fish!

So, even though I have so much revision to be doing, I still found the time to go to Exploris!  It was worth it though, hadn't been since I was in primary school and I needed a break from studying.  It was pretty hard to photograph as it was so dark and flash photography wasn't allowed, I was just lucky most of the tanks were lit pretty well. The walk round didn't seem as long as when I was wee, but maybe that's because I'm bigger now...but the walk across the bridge above the massive tank still terrifies me!  We then took a little walk around Portaferry Castle and after that made our way to Scrabo Tower.  Here's a few of my favourite photo's from the day...enjoy =)

 Kind of annoyed about this one, I really love the colours, but the tank was like a bubble so the picture got a bit distorted =(
 I absolutely adored this little guy!! I want one!!

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  1. Great photo's, your time was better spent than if you were doing something pointless like revising!