Monday, 16 May 2011

First Post =D

So this is my very first post of, hopefully, a long line of photography posts.  Photography has been my number one hobby for 4/5 years, but it's always been there since I was little.  I still remember going for walks with my dad and he had this gorgeous film SLR, I'll always remember taking my first photo with it and from that moment on I wanted my very own.  Now I'm the proud owner of a Canon 400D and I love it!!  Still want one of those old film SLR's though. 

Tonight was the Queen's University Belfast Photographic Society's Summer Exhibition and it went brilliantly!  This pleases me as I'm the new President of the society.
Since this is my first post I'll put some of my old work, but I hope to add new photo's as I post, if I ever find the time to take any! =)

This picture won me first place in the photographic exhibition =)

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