Tuesday, 15 November 2011


A day late with this post, thought I'd share some of my favourite animal shots I've got over the years.  I love taking pictures of animals, even though it can be pretty tough when they won't. sit. still.  But these are a few I'm pretty proud of.

This wee meerkat is soo cute! 

In Belfast Zoo the prairie dogs usually get out and make their way to a hill near their enclosure.  It's really difficult to get close to them, this is about as close as he'd let me get...keep in mind I have a massive lens!

I have loads of butterfly pictures I'm proud of, they're so beautiful, but unfortunately I'm terrified of them flying around me.  This was taken in the Butterfly House in Seaford.

This is a really old photo; this was my cat Jones after he'd grown up a little bit and became pretty curious!

I took this one at the World of Owls in Templepatrick.  Another old one, you can tell I developed a bit of an obsession with colour popping..

My favourite picture of wee Jones!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Belfast Zoo

Today I'm sharing my photos from Belfast Zoo that I took at the start of the summer.  I entered a few of them into the annual Zoo photography competition, but unfortunately I didn't win anything.  I'm still really proud of these pictures, I feel they're the best I've taken in a long time!

 This shot looked really good in black and white too

Ring-tailed Lemur that I entered into the competition

I adore this little monkey with a crazy beard =)

I just love the detail in the feathers on this eagle

I find bats are pretty difficult to photograph, they just don't stay still and usually they're kept in dark conditions, so I'm pretty impressed with this shot