Monday, 27 June 2011

The Emerald Garrison

I think we've established by now that photography is one of my main interests, another one is Star Wars costuming with The Emerald Garrison.  My own costumes are Padme's white battle outfit from Episode II and the Slave Leia gold bikini, I would love to own Stormtrooper armour though.  Here's a few pictures from some of our troops.

 This Shock Trooper was taken in Armagh for the St. Patrick's day parade

 These two clones were at an FG Wilson's fun day, as is the next shot of the Stormtrooper

This trooper is from the first Invasion Belfast, our main event in W5, this was the reason I joined the Emerald Garrison, and I haven't looked back!

Monday, 13 June 2011

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

This is quite an interesting post to write, as it's something a little out of the ordinary.  A few weeks ago I was baby-sitting Predators and managed to get some great shots of the guys.  The Emerald Garrison, a Star Wars costuming group, recently expanded into other sci-fi costuming, which led to the mini Invasion of Predators and the incredible creation of a jungle set in W5.  The shots were very difficult to get due to how dark the set was, but with a little help from photoshop I got the results I was after.

 I really like this shot, just a random detail shot from the set.

 Another detail shot of this really awesome helmet!!