Sunday, 14 October 2012

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

St. Georges Market

Welcome back to my photography blog, as you can tell I've had a bit of a break!  I finished my exams, graduated and now happily working away in a laboratory.  The photos I have selected for my first post of 2012 were taken over the summer when my French friend came to stay and were taken at St. Georges Sunday Market.

This was a very pretty stall with lots of jewellery and beautiful scarves.  I couldn't decide whether I preferred this photo in colour or black and white, I think the colour photo has a nice vintage feel to it because of the colours of the scarf.  

These soaps fronted possibly the most colourful stall at St. Georges Market and make great photos.  

Cupcakes are quickly becoming a favourite here in Northern Ireland.  This is a picture from one of many stalls at the market, which all look incredible lined with decorative buns.