Monday, 22 August 2011

Christmas Holiday in Jersey

This is my last holiday themed post and it's my trip to Jersey for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Usually we have Christmas at my granny's house, so it was very strange going to Jersey, but my aunty lives there and wanted to host that year.  The weather was great, as you can tell from some of my photo's.  We stayed in a cute wee hotel that reminded me of Fawlty Towers, it was great!  I'd love to go back and see more, we did a car journey round the island and it's just so beautiful.

Monday, 8 August 2011

La Rochelle

To keep on the theme of holidays I've decided to post about my trip to La Rochelle in France, which I visited last summer.  I had such an incredible holiday thanks to my lovely French family I met through my secondary school!  There was so much to see and do in this part of France, it's absolutely beautiful too.  The photo's I've posted are only a handful of my favourites, there are so many more I wish I could share, but I think you'd be here all night reading and looking. 

I was really happy with this shark silhouette I got in the aquarium in La Rochelle, it was the most incredible aquarium I've been to yet.  Just south of La Rochelle near Royan is the Zoo de la Palmyre, which is the most incredible zoo I've ever been to.

 This picture was taken from one of the 3 Towers in La Rochelle, the Saint Nicolas tower.  

 I took this photo after our little boat trip through Venise Verte (Green Venice).  There were four of us in one of these wee boats sailing down the canals trying to follow the map, but after a few wrong turns we ended up nearly stuck, we managed to get back on track and I can say I enjoyed our adventure.

My favourite place we visited during the holiday was the fortified town of Brouage.  I'm really proud of this picture I took of a beautiful vintage bike in the town, if I could go back I'd definitely visit here again.

 I'm fairly certain this picture was taken on the Île de Ré when Caroline and I went on a little adventure (and nearly got lost).

I really loved this beach we visited on the Île d'Oléron.  It could only be accessed by a little train that runs round this part of the island =)

There's so much I wish I could have shown, some of my pictures from the Zoo, our visit to Île-d'Aix, the most incredible fireworks display I have ever seen or the building of The Hermione ship in Rochefort. I highly recommend La Rochelle as a holiday destination, the food is amazing =P